The vision of Beyond Wilderness is that people will have a deep, unshakeable faith with a clear understanding of the link between God and His Creation, and our role in being faithful stewards of the Earth and all God has given us.

We believe people are drawn to nature because they gain an innate sense of who God is when surrounded by, and immersed in, his creation; and removed from the busyness of everyday life.  We also believe that people can deepen their relationship with God, themselves and each other through guided interaction with His creation, which reveals his majesty, power and character.

We hope that through supporting and building peoples connection with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirt, they will better understand themselves, their spiritual calling, and their relationships with each other.  Through this process we hope people will also gaining an increased value for creation and a desire to steward all God has given us.

Therefore, our mission is to:

  • help people better understand themselves, their desires and their place in the world;
  • deepen peoples’ relationship with God, themselves and each other;
  • help non-Christians make the connection between their love of creation/nature and a desire to know God the creator;
  • increase people’s value and appreciation of creation and assistance them in becoming faithful stewards of the Earth, and all God has given them.

We hope to achieve this vision and mission through;

Inspiration, Engagement, Experience & Education.

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